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Virtual assistants prove to be a success

Amsterdam – Project SoKo provides one of the leaders in the localization industry with two full-time virtual assistants.

The growing German language service provider was reaching its limits in terms of capacity when turning to Project SoKo. After a thorough analysis it turned out that their capacity should be sufficient for the core Project Management tasks because the current capacity was adversely affected by many repetitive process steps that were not part of the PM core tasks.

As a trial, Project SoKo provided the Project Management team of the language service provider with a virtual assistant to support the team on an hourly basis. After the successful roll-out currently two virtual assistants are supporting the Project Management department full-time. The assistants take care of tasks like file analysis and conversions, word count creation, pre- and postproduction, alignments, TM updates and translation kit creation, amongst others. The managing director of the localization company particularly praises the lower cost of the virtual assistants compared to in-house capacities as well as the high level of scalability of this innovative way of working.

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