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TM updates

You need an up-to-date customer TM to ensure a maximum of consistency as well as efficiency and to offer your client a favorable price?
In order to do so you have to clean the translations in your customer TM every time you receive a new file?
We do that for you!

PDF conversions

You only have a PDF of the source file?
PDFs need to be converted into an editable format in order to be efficiently translated in various translation tools.
We do that for you!

Scanned PDFs

You need a scanned PDF to be OCR-ed to make a quick estimate of the project scope?
We do that for you!

Graphic editing

You only have non-editable graphic files and need a translation of the text within the graphics?
The text needs to be extracted and Photoshopped back into the graphic file after the translation?
We do that for you!

Word count creation

Creating word counts with Trados and MemoQ in all the settings you need against your TMs?
We do that for you!


You need a rough alignment of your reference material to use as background TM.
We do that for you! (European languages only)
Precise alignments can be done for several language combinations ?
Just ask us!

Pre- and postproduction

You want your files to be processed in a CAT tool?
Pre- and postproduction  Рwe do that for you!

Booking resources

You need to book 20 translators for an urgent new project?
We do that for you!

Sending and collecting translation kits

You need to send out lots of translation kits and collect them from the translators?
We do that for you!

Checking deliverables

You need to check if deliverables are complete and if all translation instructions were followed (e.g. whether the glossary was used, if customer conventions were taken into account, etc.)?
We do that for you!

Just let us know what you need!


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